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Blood sugar control

Blood sugar control is something that is particularly relevant to the illness of diabetes. It has been claimed that L-Carnitine is useful in keeping blood sugar levels under control, when a patient has adult-onset diabetes (or, type 2). Let's take a look at this form of management that is done by diabetics.

Target level

The level may be slightly different at certain times (for instance upon waking up versus a couple of hours after eating a meal). Typically, when the measurement is taken before the meal, it should be in the range of 70 to 130 (measured as mg/dl). Blood sugar control involves avoiding either particularly low or high levels of blood glucose. These are known, respectively, as hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. If you are concerned about a potential issue with one of these things, please contact medical personnel right away, and do not try to use any information on this page to diagnose or treat the situation.


When a person's blood sugar reaches a low level, it can result in various symptoms. The main issue results as the brain does not receive a sufficient glucose supply. This causes neuroglycopenia, which brings symptoms such as exhaustion, confusion, headaches, and many others. Numbness, known as paresthesia, is one of the other things that can show up. A person with hypoglycemia may also have difficulty in speaking. Seizures can also result. The patient can potentially go into a coma if the level is especially low, and in rare cases death can occur.


This situation is the opposite, in which the patient has a high blood sugar level. Sometimes it is without symptoms until the level becomes particularly elevated. If symptoms do appear, they may be different in particular cases, including based on whether the situation is chronic or acute. Symptoms listed here are meant to be presented in general and not linked (by this author) to any particular form -- talk with your doctor for differentiation between types. The patient might be affected by blurry vision. A dry mouth is also a possibility. The feet may be affected by paresthesia. If the blood sugar level does become extremely high and the situation is acute, then it is a medical emergency.

So, is L-Carnitine useful for this?

It has been claimed that L-Carnitine is beneficial for the type 2 diabetic toward controlling his blood sugar, thus avoiding hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Talk with your doctor to ask whether he recommends this supplement as safe and useful in your particular situation.

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