Read about L-Carnitine benefits and more.

L-Carnitine benefits

Various medical benefits and treatment options are claimed to be possible by taking L-Carnitine. Please consider that these claims are not infallible, as with all human ideas, and may eventually prove to be inaccurate. Additionally, remember that some of these conditions may be serious, and simply taking a supplement is not necessarily a safe or recommended treatment method. In some cases, it may be sufficient, but in others, it may not be enough, or it may actually work against the patient. Consider other factors and receive qualified assistance before using L-Carnitine for treatment or benefits.

Some of the suggested L-Carnitine benefits are mentioned below, along with brief details to describe the claims or the condition for which the treatment is intended.

Improving cognitive abilities and boosting memory

It is suggested that L-Carnitine can assist in these areas of thinking. It is also thought to potentially decrease the severity of mental fatigue (as well as physical, for that matter) in some people. Other benefits related to the brain are also considered.

Natural antioxidant

As a natural form of antioxidant, L-Carnitine is taken by some individuals for this characteristic. Oxidative stress is linked or potentially related to a variety of diseases, such as stroke, cancer, coronary heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases. However, it is not known whether the oxidative stress is actually a root of the illnesses, or a reaction from them.

Weight loss

One of the major reasons L-Carnitine supplements are taken is for attempted weight loss. There is not a consensus over whether taking L-Carnitine actually can directly lead to weight loss, or whether the metabolism process of turning fatty acids into energy in the mitochondria actually decreases body weight. Read more about possible weight loss assistance with L-Carnitine supplements.

Others, and Side Effects

Additional claims of L-Carnitine benefits have been made. Some include treatment of heart problems and angina symptom relief, as well as blood sugar control in patients with adult-onset diabetes. Look for qualified information related to the potential uses mentioned on this site, as well as any others not covered that you may be considering. Before you take supplements, consider possible side effects that they may bring.